Over-40s Will Learn This Week When They Can Get Covid Booster

Covid-19 - Booster Jab

Over 40s will find out this week when they can get a Covid booster, according to the government chief whip. It’s part of an accelerated programme that will be announced by the HSE later this week.

More than a million booster vaccinations have been given so far in Ireland but questions have been raised about the effectiveness of the system of administration.

GP Dr Denis MacCauley says up to now public urgency hasn’t been there ”The information about the effectiveness of the third does in fighting omicron will increase that urgency, so I would imagine, hopefully in January there will be a mass campaign.”

People have been turned away from walk-in vaccine centres again today, with the centre in Punchestown saying it’s operating at full capacity.

Later this week the HSE will reveal a plan for enhanced booster roll-out, with Government Chief Whip Jack Chambers saying it aims to do a number of things.

First of all to announce the plan and the road map to operationalise the vaccine for those aged between five and eleven. The HSE will also outline a fate for when over 40’s will be vaccinated.”

Plans for expanding capacity to 300,000 additional doses a week will also be unveiled.

However, scrutiny is now on given the UK’s plans to give a booster to everyone who wants one by the end of December, while the roll-out here will drag well into the new year.