Ozzy Osbourne Can’t Remember How Old He Actually Is!


Ozzy Osbourne has accidentally revealed that he doesn’t actually know how old he is. In an interview with The Guardian, Osbourne said: “The hardest thing about getting old is all my good friends are dead. My problem, really, is I don’t remember I’m 70. I don’t really know what 70-year-old people are supposed to do. So I just do my own thing.”

The Black Sabbath lead singer is in reality 69 and won’t become a septuagenarian until December 3rd which is a good six months away. The frontman also opened up about the possibility of moving back to England one day. The metal legend has been living in Los Angeles since 1997.

“I’d like to move back to England one day, the weather is great here, but it’s so easy to fall into the LA bullshit. All the newspapers say I’m ill. Fuck off! I’m on the front of the National Enquirer, like: “Ozzy is dying, his last words were…’Eugh’.”

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