Ozzy Osbourne May Not Have Needed Major Surgery!


The latest on Ozzy Osbourne has some sources claiming that the man may not have required the serious surgery that forced him to take almost 12 months off.

This could well be true as it was his wife Sharon that revealed this fact. The iconic Black Sabbath singer has spent most of this year recovering from medical attention that he was given due to an accident which occurred at his home in January.

Initially, it was thought that the injuries might have left him paralyzed.

According to Sharon Osbourne’s interview with The Sun via UCR, she said,“They fixed the collarbone straight away, but his spinal cord was so inflamed they had to wait a week to do an operation,” She added,

“He was in surgery for five hours, and afterwards they told us it would take him a year to recover. “She noted that it’s “terrifying when you see somebody you love so incapacitated. They can’t do a thing, and you’re so engulfed with fear that you can’t think clearly.

“We didn’t do any research or ask the right questions. Now, certain doctors say, ‘Well, maybe he shouldn’t have had this operation.’ … It’s a nightmare. Every doctor seems to have a different opinion.” Ozzy’s upcoming album, Ordinary Man, “saved him from depression, ” according to Sharon.

“He couldn’t watch anything with music on TV,” she recalled. “He would say, ‘I can’t do this,’ because he was so devastated.” She described the new LP, which features Duff McKagan and Chad Smith, as “one of his best.”

Ozzy’s tour dates for his U.K. and European farewell gigs which had to be rescheduled were announced this week, and according to reports, Ozzy said he can’t wait “to get off my ass and get going again.”

“He’s just frustrated because he wants to be doing the tour,” Sharon said. “If he just has to stand there and sing, that’s what he’s going to do.”