Paramore Singer Hayley Williams Discusses Moving Back in With Her Mom



Story by Anne Erickson

Paramore’s Hayley Williams loves the comforts of home

Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams has several No. 1 alternative rock hits under her belt and a gorgeous house to prove it, but Williams has revealed that last winter, she decided to give up the high life to move back home with her mom. Hey, we have nothing against rock stars being close with their families!

“It goes back to going through a really difficult time last winter,” Williams told Alternative Press, regarding the move. “The town just got smaller. When you’re living in a small town and some crazy drama happens and everyone wants in on it… Everyone wants to choose a side for themselves and usually it’s not your side they choose.”

Williams says she simply didn’t feel at home in her own place anymore. “… I felt very watched and weird. I’ve been staying at my mom’s for a while. I think I’m going to do it again when I get home. Part of it I think is that feeling of comfort, almost being taken care of. Like laziness, really.” She went on to say that listening to Discount helped turn her mood around. “I was listening to Discount, and one of the songs [vocalist Alison Mosshart] goes, [sings] ‘Home isn’t where we should be hiding.’ I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s so me!’ I shouldn’t be trapped in this place, and I did feel like that.”

What also helped make that “trapped” feeling disappear was the massive touring Paramore did this year. “It made me feel like [I had] a sense of purpose again—even though we weren’t off tour for very long, it was a tough off-time we went through,” she explained. “[I was] feeling that renewed sense of purpose and feeling hope again.”