Parking Fees Hike Could Go Ahead From Next Summer

Parking Fees Hike

Dublin motorists are facing a hike in parking fees from next summer.

The measures, if passed by Dublin City Council, will see parking charges increased in the city centre by about 10% in yellow and red zones.

The move is to encourage more people to cycle and use public transport.


The council say the price increases would generate an extra €3 million a year to fund transport related services.

However the AA Ireland’s Director Of Consumer Affairs Conor Faughnan isn’t convinced:

“I mean essentially just a grab – they want to grab money off motorists because they can – and the notion that it will be spent on transport services…well that’s just fanciful – that is really just pure spin- I’m afraid it’s a promise that there’s is no value to whatsoever and there’s no reason for taking money out of your wallet – it just doesn’t stack up.”