Pat Kenny Absolutely Owns Man Who Confronts Him In Public Area Spouting Gibberish

Pat Kenny

The veteran broadcaster Pat Kenny showed remarkable poise as he garnered huge praise in deftly seeing off the misguided ruminations of a man who verbally accosted him, while filming the incident and readily admitting that he was an unvaccinated healthcare worker.

In the viral video release, Mr Kenny is seen walking briskly in a park with headphones,  when the man stops him to ask why he said the unvaccinated should not be working in healthcare roles dealing directly with patients.

The man who recorded the exchange, before posting it on the social media platform Tik Tok, challenged the former Late Late Show host initially by saying, “do I look crazy to you? You call me crazy on the national radio. I work for the national health service, and I haven’t been vaccinated.”

Over the next two minutes the healthcare worker argues that he does not need to be vaccinated because the “virus is being spread all the time”. Kenny attempts to explain why he believes healthcare workers should be vaccinated.

When the man said it was his choice, Kenny said: “That is your prerogative. I am saying you shouldn’t be near patients.” To which the man replied: “Why shouldn’t I be. It is being spread all the time by vaccinated people. I have a five-year-old daughter you are calling crazy. Sorry, you called her a snowflake.”

Kenny replied: “The parents of those kids who say they can’t wear a mask when kids in every country in the world are wearing masks. Little kids in Bermuda where my sister-in-law is at the age of two are running around the place [with masks on]… there is not a bother on them.”