Paul Mescal’s Ascent Is Inexorable After Earning Olivier Award For Role In Streetcar

Paul Mescal - A Streetcar Named Desire - Anjana Vasan Almeida Theatre, London. Marc Brenner

Irish actor Paul Mescal has been honoured for his work on the London stage.

The star of Normal People who was nominated for an Oscar this year, picked up the coveted Olivier Award for his role in the Tennessee Williams timeless classic A Streetcar Named Desire.

The Maynooth man says being recognised for his work in the theatre is something he’ll ‘cherish‘.

He won for playing the toxic Stanley Kowalski in Streetcar, and was Oscar-nominated for playing the troubled Calum in Aftersun, after getting critical acclaim for playing sensitive Connell in TV drama Normal People.

The BBC reports that Mescal was bashful in his acceptance of the high falutin’ award. He said he was “standing on the shoulders of the immense talent of so many other people“.