Paul Reid: Healthcare Workers Refusing Covid Vaccine Is Inexcusable


The HSE’s Executive Director Paul Reid has sad it is “inexcusable” that some nursing home staff have refused the Covid-19 vaccine.

Reid made the claims while talking to Newstalk this morning and said these instances are rare.

He said that uptake in the vaccine is near 100% for residents and was in the “high 90s” for staff.

Paul Reid said “I find it inexcusable that staff in a nursing home would not take the vaccine.”

Vaccinations are the only way out of this pandemic. Getting every one vaccinated is a huge undertaking and people refusing the vaccine only adds more pressure.

All vaccines approved are safe to use and the refusal of a vaccine, puts more strain on Ireland’s healthcare as Reid explained what has to happen if staff refuse it.

When a healthcare worker refuses the jab, a risk assessment must be carried out. If the worker was facing the patient, then they would have to be employed in a different role.

Globally, nursing homes have been hit the hardest in the pandemic and hundreds sadly passed away at homes in Ireland last month. You can read Radio Nova’s report on it here.

There has been many bumps in the road in Ireland’s vaccination rollout. With the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine not approved for over 70s, it means that the rollout has to be changed.

HSE Chief Clinical Office Dr Colm Henry has said it is their priority to get the over 70s vaccinated as quickly as possible.

Speaking to RTÉ this morning, Dr Henry said “no person will be left behind” as there were concerns that some over 70s would not be able to receive the vaccine as they would not be able to leave their homes.

He also said that the sequencing of the vaccines will be from the highest age downwards.

Initially, the Government had hoped that all over 70s would be vaccinated by the end of March, but the new goal is to have that cohort vaccinated by mid-May, due to the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine decision.

This week, mass vaccination centres will open around the country that will vaccinate this cohort of people along with other healthcare workers.

The news comes as 12 deaths and 1,024 new cases of Coronavirus was confirmed last night. It brings the total death toll in Ireland to 3,686, with 203,568 confirmed cases of Coronavirus.

For the latest numbers on Ireland’s vaccine rollout, check out the Government’s website here.