Pearl Jam Guitarist Stone Gossard to Release New Solo Album



, Pearl Jam Guitarist Stone Gossard to Release New Solo Album

Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard has announced details about his upcoming solo album. The set, titled “Moonlander,” will arrive on towards the end of June. It’s his second solo album.

“Moonlander” will offer 11 new songs, and Gossard plans to release them one at a time each Tuesday for the next 10 weeks. The album’s debut single, “I Need Something Different,” is currently available for free download at via

The tracks on the album aren’t exactly new, as Gossard explains in an official statement: “[The] songs from the album were recorded between 2003-2011. Over the last year, I went through all of my old demos and recordings that weren’t used as Pearl Jam or Brad songs and picked my favorites.”

Of course, “Moonlander” promises a few high-profile guests, including Pearl Jam and Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron and drummer Regan Hagar from Brad, Gossard’s side band. Gossard’s daughter is also doing her part to chip in, as the little one will be doing the artwork for each song premiere. “I hope the pieces convey a sense of freedom from formal rules and of playfulness that comes from hanging with your lovely 5-year-old,” Gossard said.

In advance of the release, Gossard will be unleashing two four-track digital EPs, “Apollo and Luna,” that offer songs off “Moonlander.” “Apollo” will arrive at iTunes next month, and “Luna” will follow in June.

Stone Gossard’s ‘Moonlander’ Track Listing:

“I Need Something Different”
“Moon Landing”
“Both Live”
“Your Flames”
“Battle Cry”
“King of the Junkies”
“I Don’t Want to Go to Bed”
“Bombs Away”
“Witch Doctor”
“Beyond Measure”