Pearl Jam On The Road In The US


PearljamPearl Jam played 57 different songs over the course of two nights this past Friday (October 18th) and Saturday (October 19th) at the Barclay Centre in Brooklyn, according to

With the exception of 10 songs, the set each night was completely different, mixing well-known hits with deep album cuts and a selection of cover tunes. Six of the songs that made both nights’ set lists were from the new album, Lightning Bolt, while the other four that made it were “Alive” and “Porch” from the band’s debut album Ten along with “Do The Evolution” and “Given To Fly” from Yield.

Guitarist Mike McCready told us that the band feels lucky that its fans respond to songs from across the band’s entire catalog: “We’re lucky in the sense that we can go out and play every night and play different stuff ’cause we have so much stuff to play, and people are receptive to it. There are fans that like – their favorite record is No Code or their favorite record is Vs. And we’re lucky in a way that people want to hear new music from us – at least that’s my perception.”

Interesting that Five of the band’s best known songs — “Jeremy,” “Who Are You,” “Nothing As It Seems,” “World Wide Suicide” and “Last Kiss” — did not make either night’s show, while hits “Daughter” and “Better Man” were only played one night.