Pest Control: Fox Urinates By Taoiseach Martin’s Office

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Pest controllers believe that a vixen has broken into the Government building and urinated outside the Taoiseach’s office!

The vixen is called “Sam the Fox”. She first came to people’s attention when she was seen around Leinster House, during the Government formation talks in June. Sam was also photographed in the City Centre.

There were concerns for the welfare of Sam, as she appeared to be suffering from mange.

However, she was successfully nursed back to health by a Zoologist in Trinity College.

It is likely that the fox would have got through one of the 72 access points, identified by the environmental company in 2019. Apparently, the windows are so big, that “wildfire larger than a rat could easily fit through”. 

In September 2019, pest controllers noticed a “strong smell of fox urine” in the Department during a callout.

The smell was detected in a cable room beside the “comms room”. The pest controllers reccomended a “thorough deep clean”.

Two weeks later, “a strong smell of urine” was detected. This time, it was rats that were blamed for the horrible odour. It was subsequently traced to an area with a “high level of rats droppings” beside a dry goods store in the building.

“Safety hazard for Taoiseach and staff”

Pest control experts have said that, rodents have caused havoc for the Department of An Taoiseach. Pigeon fouling was also found “next to the minister’s entrance”. This was seen as a “disease risk and a safety hazard”.

They also found mice in the the kitchen by the Italian room and by the ground floor kitchen.

The reports called this a “possible disease risk for staff eating in this area”.

An audit was carried out by an environmental services company last October. This audit pinpointed 72 access points in the Department, where work was required to prevent wildlife and rodents entering the building.

Proofing works were originally estimated to cost €8,330 plus VAT. However, another services company was used. The costs were subsequently €1,450 plus VAT.

In other news regarding the Government, Táiniste, Leo Varadkar said today that the general public can expect to get their Covid-19 vaccine after Easter. More here.