Phil Collins’ Ex-Wife Is Auctioning Off His Gold Records


It has been revealed that Phil Collins’ ex-wife, Orianne Cevey is auctioning off his gold records.

Cevey and Collins have been embroiled in a long, bitter legal dispute since their split. As she is now moving to a smaller property, she has decided to sell off items that no longer “spark joy“.

The auction is to be hosted by Kodner Galleries, who are based in Florida.

One the pieces Cevey is selling is Robert Palmer’s ‘The Principle of Moments’ gold record, it was a gift given to Collins as Palmer and Collins share the same label.

Another lot features three of his former awards – from Orlando Arena Sold Out Show on 2 June 1994, the Appreciation Award for service to Clara’s House Shelter, presented on 27 October, 1990, and the Hospital Radio Basingstoke 1993 Music Award.

The gold record and the lot of three awards have a starting price of $100. The low asking price shows how much the items mean to Cevey.

Cevey is selling some personal items as well. A representative for Cevey told Page Six “she is moving to a smaller home and getting rid of some of her clothing and jewellery that she no longer wears … I mean after all, she does have 5,000 pairs of shoes alone and only two feet — she can’t wear them all!”

“Orianne found organising the move very cathartic and went very Marie Kondo and got rid of a number of items that no longer sparked joy for her.”

On selected items in the auction lot, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Never Give Up foundation. The charity foundation focuses on raising money and awareness for spinal muscular atrophy in children.

The news of the auction comes as Cevey has agreed to leave Phil Collins’ house which she had been sharing with her new husband, Thomas Bates after the Genesis singer had filed to have them evicted.

Cevey has left house which has an estimated value of €33 million. She had to leave by January 21 as it was agreed in a settlement she had reached with her former husband.

Meanwhile, Phil Collins and Genesis are preparing for the upcoming world tour. You can check out our report on it here.