Photos: A Fan’s Amazing Gift Brings Eddie Vedder To Tears

Eddie Vedder

According to, when a fan, Nick DiCinti met Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder it led to an emotional exchange between the two. Here’s what DiCinti said,

‘I thought today would be the perfect day to share this story. So a few months ago a friend told me that Eddie was in town (NYC) and I was going to try and have him sign something for me. About a year before that Chris Cornell was in New York promoting a movie and I had him sign a baseball. He signed it on the side panel and I thought it’d be perfect for Eddie to be on the sweet spot.


Anyways, I see Eddie walking down the street and I approached him with the baseball that Chris had signed, not knowing how he’d react. Eddie said, ‘Hey man sure I’ll sign it, but can I look at it first?’ I said, ‘Yeah, of course.’ Then Eddie started crying to me and talking about how much he missed him while looking at that baseball.

So I said, ‘Eddie, why don’t you keep the ball, it obviously would mean a lot to you.’ We talked about Chris for a few minutes, he asked me for my name and then said he’d keep the baseball in their practice room. He then asked me what I had for him to sign and I had another ball that he graciously signed for me. He is the man.’ Check out the photos below…



Source: Alternative Nation