Photos: Man Attempts To Break World Record In Giant Pumpkin Boat!


In the Uk, Tom Pearcy paddled a huge pumpkin down York’s River Ouse on Monday 29th of October. That was in a bid to break a new record for the world’s biggest pumpkin boat!

The pumpkin boat weighs more than 97 stone, the hollowed Halloween fruit was lifted into the river Ouse with a JCB. Tom, owner of the York Maze received cheers as he managed to sail the festive vessel between Ouse and Skeldergate Bridge.

According to The York Press, Tom claimed his voyage was a first,

“Roman conquerors, Viking invaders, medieval knights, Victorian industrialists and now tourists have all sailed down York’s River Ouse. But never in York’s 2000 year history has anyone ever rowed a giant pumpkin down the Ouse.”

Tom’s world record giant pumpkin boat will be brought back to York Maze where it will be on display during the York Maze’s Halloween festival!

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