Photos: The ‘Trashtag Challenge’ Has Us Cleaning Up And Goes Viral!


Humans across the world are engaging in an online challenge that’s providing much benefit fo our wonderful planet.

The “Trashtag Challenge” which went viral over the weekend, encourages people to pick up their own litter. The participants are asked to take before photos showing areas full of litter and rubbish.

The challenge lies in the results! The after pictures have to show what the areas look like after they have been cleaned up. Buzzfeed reports that the photos are then shared on social media with the hashtag #trashtag.

The tag has gone viral with several people posting all over the world on Instagram, Reddit and Twitter. Photos show people actively bagging the rubbish and clearing the litter.

The hashtag was created by an outdoor lighting company called UCO in 2015. They set the trend by encouraging people to pick up after themselves while out in the wilderness.

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