So There’s A Spanish Tortilla Competition On This Saturday …


Consider yourself a good cook and think you have what it takes to win a Spanish Omelette (tortilla) Competition? Well then, you can put your skills to the test this weekend.

A discerning panel that includes food writers and chefs will judge the tasty comp. The event takes place as part of Día e Day, the Spanish and Latin American cultural showcase at Instituto Cervantes Dublin, on Saturday, the 24th of June.

The competition takes place from 13.15pm to 2pm (Día e Day) and it’s FREE.

If you think you’re up for the challange, register your interest at: [email protected]

Spanish tortilla is the diminutive form of torta, cake; this dish is called tortilla de patatas or tortilla española to distinguish it from a plain omelette (tortilla francesa, literally “French omelette”). They are not at all related to the maize or wheat tortilla of Mexico and neighbouring countries, which is a thin flatbread.

Competitors creations’ will be judged on: tastiness, thickness, flavour, originality of presentation and seasoning!

There are some pretty awesome prizes up for grabs too with the top prize being a One week Spanish course + accommodation in Castilla y León (Spain)!

Runner-Up Prizes:

Three-course Sunday lunch for 2 people at the Cliff Townhouse (The Cliff Townhouse)

3 Albariño wine bottles, 1 Extra Virgin oil bottle (Commercial Office, Embassy of Spain)

1 free Spanish Olive Oil tasting with Spanish experts at the Instituto Cervantes

1 free Argentine cookery Empanadas workshop at the Instituto Cervantes

1 free 4 month library card at Dámaso Alonso Library – Instituto Cervantes Dublin

1 tequila bottle (Embassy of Mexico)

We’re going to get practising! 

For a full programme of the day’s events, which are all FREE check out their website