Playing Ball & Steeling The Show


In 1995, in a pub in London’s King’s Cross, a group of friends discussed the idea of a gay rugby club. From that casual conversation, the first gay rugby team was born – the Kings Cross Steelers.

25 years later, there are 60 clubs worldwide and once every two years they get together for the a tournament: The Bingham Cup.

Streaming now on Amazon Prime Video, Steelers, is a documentary that follows the players and coach to Amsterdam for “the World Cup of gay rugby.”  

The film follows three central characters, each confronting personal issues in their lives. This includes the gay female coach and former international player for Wales, Nic Evans, fighting misogyny in a male-dominated sport; Birmingham rugby fanatic Simon Jones is battling his own demons after recently coming out; and aspiring drag queen Andrew McDowell teaches viewers to live as the people they truly are.

Through each character, Steelers shows how this inclusive rugby community has helped people overcome their struggles in ways they never would have imagined.

The documentary is a directorial debut for Australian journalist, a friend and former Steelers player, Eammon Ashton-Atkinson, who also wrote, filmed, edited and narrated the feature. Ashton-Atkinson produced the film with support from fellow Australian journalist, Grace Tobin, and Steelers player, Jared Watmuff. Zak Brilliant of Republic Film Distribution serves as Executive Producer.

Steelers is an emotional and heart-warming story. It’s not just a just a sport documentary,  it’s so much more…and will make you cry and smile.

Streaming now on Amazon Prime Video, Steelers gets ★★★★★

Steelers joins Prime Video’s collection of exclusive sports documentaries and docuseries including Everybody’s Game, All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur, All or Nothing: Manchester City, Andy Murray: Resurfacing, The Test, Take Us Home: Leeds United and more.