Polling Stations Now Open For Abortion Referendum


The polls have just opened in the historic abortion referendum.

More than three million people are eligible to vote in the first referendum on the 8th amendment in 35 years.

People will be able to vote until 10pm this evening.

You’ll be asked a Yes / No question in the ballot box.

A Yes vote means repealing the 8th amendment and allowing the Oireachtas to legislate for abortion.

A No vote would retain the 8th amendment as it is now.

Mark an X next to your choice.

Don’t write anything else on the card as it could be seen as a spoiled vote.

Your voting card will tell you where your polling station is.

If you haven’t got a voting card, you can still vote as long as you’re on the register of electors. In that case bring your ID to the centre to be allowed to vote.

No videos or photos, including selfies, can be taken in the polling station.

You also shouldn’t wear any jumpers, badges or merchandise promoting either side when you go to the station to vote.