Public Warned To Prepare For Winter Weather

Winter Weather

People are being urged to make sure they are prepared for the dark evenings and adverse weather this Winter.

The Government has launched its annual ‘Winter Ready’ campaign and says it’s better to be proactive instead of reactive.

After Storm Ophelia and Storm Emma, the Government wants us to be ‘Winter Ready’.


But what exactly does that mean?

Well it means making sure your home is stocked with fuel and food, to have a flood plan if you live in a flood prone area, and ensuring all exposed pipes are insulated in case of freezing weather.

It’s also about ensuring your car is winter ready.

Brian Farrell is with the Road Safety Authority:

“Get your car in and get it serviced and make regular checks throughout the winter – get it serviced and make sure it’s ready, make sure your tyres are in inflated to the proper pressure, your brakes are working, your lights and windscreen wipers and get those regular checks throughout the winter.”

Weather warnings are presented in three categories-yellow, orange and red.

Evelyn Cusack from Met Eireann explains:

“If it says yellow – is not actually a warning it’s more of an alert – be alert that there’s going to be heavy rain or strong winds or frost or snow. Orange is quite a severe warning; we don’t issue it that often, but it does mean be prepared and of course red – red means danger..”

People are also being urged to look out for vulnerable people in their communities this Winter while the Government says extra beds will be made available to accommodate any rough sleepers.