Q Magazine To Close After 34 Years


The popular music publication Q magazine is set to close after 34 years.

The magazine’s editor Ted Kessler posted on Twitter on Monday: “I have some bad news about @QMagazine.

“The issue that comes out on July 28 will be our last. The pandemic did (it) for us and there was nothing more to it than that.

“I have attached our final cover and my editor’s letter for context. On the plus side, we’re all available for work.”

He added: “We’ve been a lean operation for all of my tenure, employing a variety of ways to help keep our head about water in an extremely challenging print market.

“COVID-19 wiped all that out.”

Stars including David Bowie, Sting and  Liam Gallagher are among the stars who have graced the cover over the years.

Q Magazine To Close After 34 Years, Q Magazine To Close After 34 Years


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