Queen Release 1986 Band Interview Online


Queen have released a video online which shows the different members of the band being interviewed from 1986. The interview was shot before they released the album It’s A Kind of Magic in the same year.

The album was a tie in with the movie Highlander which came out in the same year. In an interview with drummer Roger Taylor he said “I think the idea of a complete soundtrack album puts people off,” adding that “I think they imagine all sorts of orchestral links which don’t really do anything, and it’s really just background music, which it isn’t at all. It’s a fully-fledged Queen album.”

Bassist John Deacon said “We did all the music for the film first and they dubbed it on. When it came to doing the album, we re-arranged a lot of the tracks and made them longer and wrote more lyrics.”

Freddie Mercury spoke about the album saying “We all have our own ideas of how a song should be. In the case of Roger’s track,’Magic’, he did it in a totally different way which was quite good. But I just felt there was another commercial streak.

You can check out the interview with the different members of Queen down below.


Photo Credit: Elias Ruiz Monserrat