Radio Nova increases total listenership and market share in JNLR *

Radio Nova increases total listenership and market share in JNLR *

Radio Nova has increased total weekly listenership and market share in the latest JNLR, which was released today at 12 noon. Nova now has 146,000 listeners in Dublin city, county and commuter belt and has a market share of 3.9% of radio listening in our broadcast area.  *

Nova CEO, Kevin Branigan, says, “It’s great news for us here at Nova. We’re in a really competitive marketplace, with numerous stations competing for audience. We’ve always experienced great loyalty from Nova listeners and, in these latest figures, we’re seeing that we’re consistently bringing in new listeners and encouraging them to stay tuned longer and longer. Thank to all of our listeners everywhere”.

Meanwhile, the JNLR figures show that over 3 million people in Ireland spend more than 4 hours listening to radio every day. Live radio remains overwhelmingly more popular than rival audio services, such as Spotify, where it attracts over 85 per cent of listening time. Over the last 7 days alone 255,000 people listened to radio via an app.

“These latest radio figures are great news for Radio Nova but also great for radio in general, which is by far the most popular medium in Ireland”, says Branigan.

* JNLR Ipsos/MRBI 2018/3. Dublin Commuter Belt Weekly Listenership and Market Share 7am-7pm.