Rage Against The Machine Bassist Badly Attacked By His Wife


Alternative Nation is reporting that Audioslave bassist Tim Commerford has obtained a restraining order against his wife Aleece. The pair is currently in the process of securing a divorce. Aleece has been ordered to keep a distance of 100 yards away from Commerford and any venues that his band Prophets of Rage perform at.

According to The Blast, Rage Against The Machine bassist, Tim Commerford has accused his wife, Aleece of turning up “uninvited and unannounced” to a home he was staying at, reportedly gaining access to a Porsche that was parked at the house and then ramming the garage door of the house in order to gain entry to the property.

Commerford maintains that Aleece forced her way into the house screaming as she made her way in. The Prophets of Rage member insists that once Aleece found him inside the house, she reportedly “viciously assaulted” the musician with her iPhone and “fists” that incurred multiple injuries to his face and body.

The bassist shared bloody photos of the injuries as evidence in the court application.

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