Rail Workers Ballot To Strike As Patience Snaps Over Attacks & Threats From Scumbags


Irish Rail staff are having to deal with threats of sexual assault, violence and open drug use according to the National Bus and Rail Union.

Its to ballot its members on the prospect of work stoppages as the issue has grown exponentially for many, many years.

It gives honest, decent passengers and commuters the unwelcome possibility of pre-Christmas stoppages and rail timetable disruption.

A letter has been sent to the CEO of Irish Rail, the Taoiseach and ministers calling for action on what the NBRU branded as ”downright thuggery.”

Dermot O’Leary from the National Bus and Rail Union says the problem has been building for years;

Drunken behaviour, threats of physical violence, some people don’t work on trains anymore as a result of some of the stuff, shooting up openly, cocaine use, it goes on and on and on.”

He says they will start balloting members next week, which is expected to take three weeks.

Mr O’Leary has acknowledged measures have been introduced in recent years such as CCTV, increased security and text alerts but he says they have been reactionary and have not delivered in terms of delivering a safe and secure environment for staff and passengers.

Here is the letter issued by the NBRU to politicians and officials to outline their dismay at ongoing public order incidents and offences: