Rapper Azealia Banks Tells The Irish To Go Die In The Famine


Rapper Azealia Banks made initial derogatory comments a few days ago on her Instagram account about Irish people. She called Irish women “ugly” and said she was treated like a “wild animal”.

That was after she stormed off an aeroplane due to fly from London’s Gatwick Airport to Dublin, following an argument with an Aer Lingus air stewardess.

Now, the 27-year-old Rap Star has said Irish people are ‘inbred’ ‘leprechauns’. Banks then asked one Tweeter if we ‘had a famine to go die in’ in a series of social media posts.

Before the tirade of racial abuse, Conor McGregor commented on Bank’s Instagram story and messaged her saying, ‘hahaha. See you soon.’

The rapper then asked the Irish MMA star to assist her. She wrote:

‘Conor they are bullying me. Help me :(‘

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