Ray Davies Says The Kinks Will Not Reunite


Lead singer of the Kinks Ray Davies claims that the sixties band won’t reunite and that they wouldn’t survive in today’s image-obsessed music scene.

The singer says he wouldn’t get on a television show these days because of the way he looks, claiming he isn’t “pretty” enough.

Davies also states that he never felt or gave much thought to being a pop star when he was younger.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Davies said: “Nowadays the Kinks wouldn’t even get on TV. I shouldn’t by any stretch of the imagination be the lead singer. I’ve seen myself on television and I’m not as pretty as I should be.”

Davies opened up about his insecurities but explained that there was less pressure about his image in the sixties. “I had a bit of a hang-up because everybody wanted to change the way I looked. I’m just the way I am.”

When asked about a Kinks reunion Davies said: “I really can’t play with my brother as that name, the Kinks, and not have Mick in. Mick will work with him but Dave doesn’t want to work with Mick. Sibling rivalry is nothing on their rivalry. I have no idea what’s wrong with them.”

There first major confrontation came in 1965, Dave kicked Mick’s drum kit, knocking it over on stage, and Mick escalated the incident by knocking him out with a drum pedal.