Red Hot Chili Peppers Add Second Los Angeles Show Due to Demand


Chili Peppers appease hometown fans with extra date

When the Red Hot Chili Peppers initially booked their 2012 I’m With You World Tour, they made sure to include a stop in their hometown of Los Angeles Feb. 26 at Staples Center. But, the alternative rock guys didn’t realize the overwhelming response they would get from hometown fans.

Now, the Peppers have been forced (in the best possible way) to add a second Los Angeles show to meet the incredible demand from fans. That gig will take place Feb. 27, also at Staples Center, and tickets for the show are currently on sale. Check out the rest of the tour itinerary, here.

Of course, Red Hot Chili Peppers fans are all a buzz with the news of the California funk-rock guys getting picked to become a permanent part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But, the question Peppers enthusiasts are really asking is, “Will John Frusciante be at the April 14 ceremony?”

Even singer Anthony Kiedis doesn’t have an answer to that. “Ummm… Wow. It would be a guess on my behalf on whether or not he’ll come,” Kiedis told Rolling Stone. “I can’t imagine that he would, but it’s a ‘you never know’ kind of thing. I haven’t talked to him in quite a while. I don’t know where he’s at these days. He’ll obviously be more than welcome, and embraced if he does. If he doesn’t, that’s cool too.” As for the Peppers’ long line of drummers, Kiedis is a little more certain. He thinks former drummers Cliff Martinez and Jack Irons will both want to come.

The missing band member Kiedis is most torn up over not being at the show is the late Hillel Slovak. “The most emotional part for me was thinking about Hillel Slovak. That was where it got me,” Kiedis said. “I felt very good about it, but I felt very much like our work has only just begun. Now that we’ve got Josh in the band, we have a chance to make some great records over the next few years. But there was something about going back and thinking about something that we started in a living room with Hillel Slovak.

“Because he’s no longer with us, it seemed emotional and beautiful. It’s really kind of his induction that I’m most excited about. He’s a beautiful person that picked up a guitar in the 1970s and didn’t make it out of the 1980s, and he is getting honored for his beauty.”