Red Weather Alert In Force


A Red Weather Alert is in force for the entire country with Hurricane Force Winds expected to hit every county. 

All schools, colleges and childcare facilities will be closed and everyone is advised to stay at home. 

The Government says NO unnecessary travel or other outdoor activities should be undertaken. 

And you’re advised to secure any garden furniture, bins and other outdoor equipment before the storm hits. 

This is an unprecedented storm.

Ophelia is the most powerful Atlantic storm this far east on record – packing ‘violent, destructive’ gusts of over 130 kilometres per hour. 

Heavy rain, storm surges and flooding are likely in coastal areas – and the entire country has been placed on the highest state of alert. 

It’s striking on the Coast of Kerry first – and locals have been preparing for the worst. 

Across the country – Schools, colleges, hospital appointments, court sittings and bus services will be out of action – while the Defence Forces are on standby to help where needed.

The South and West will bear the brunt this morning – and eastern counties this afternoon.

Met Éireann is warning there is a potential risk to lives before Ophelia leaves our shores at 9 o’clock this evening.