Residents Warned Of “Modus Operandi” For Festive Burglaries


Christmas burglaries are increasing, and Dublin residents have been warned of a “modus operandi” via text message.

The message includes:

  • What the criminals do,
  • When they might ransack your house.
  • How long they may spend in your house
  • What time they prefer to strike homes

“The modus operandi appears to be entry (gained by force if neccessary), very quick ransacking and an exit within 3 minutes”.

“The perpatrators appear to be after cash primarily and while persumably targeting what they believe are unoccupied properties. This does not seem to be an issue for them”.

The message continued, “The most common times are between 5pm and 7pm, but they can occur at any time”.

This warning comes about after a number of break ins took place in the Terenure Village recently with a number of houses being targeted. With restrictions easing, this could become a more common occurence.

Ireland entering level 2 potentially means more people will travel across the country. This will leave more houses unoccupied.

Taoiseach: Ireland Will Leave Level 5 In December


Warning Of Another Dangerous “Modus Operandi:

Gardai have issued a warning to anyone participating in a new online trend called “ghosting”. The “modus operandi” involves lying on a road in front of oncoming traffic.

Gardai have called this trend “extremely irresponsible” and have warned that it puts both the motorist and those “ghosting them” in extreme danger.

They stated, “An Garda Síochána have been made aware of a social media trend circulating online called “ghosting”. This ongoing trend challenges persons to lie on a roadway with a sheet placed over them in an attempt to stop oncoming traffic. This activity is extremely irresponsible and poses a serious danger to those taking part in the “ghosting” and the motorists”.

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