Review: LCD Soundsystem Were Low Key Insane

Review: LCD Soundsystem Were Low Key Insane

If you were in or around Malahide Castle on Tuesday night, you’ll know that LCD Soundsystem rocked out the venue just as any fan would have hoped.

With a low-key entrance onto stage you’d barely know this band were world renowned, and with a heavy set list to get through, they didn’t bother wasting any time with audience niceties.

And to be honest, with an audience that was an average age of 27 they didn’t need to explain their presence – seriously, how good was it to be at a gig where the music took precedence over being seen there?

They kicked off their American Dream night with You Wanted A Hit, I Can Change, Call The Police and Get Innocuous, with the crowd going wild for Daft Punk Is Playing in My House.

Naturally as the skies became darker, the crowd whistled and danced along to Murphy and co’s melody with Yr City’s A Sucker and Yeah.

James Murphy did jump on board the recent referendum, telling the crowd: “Congratulations on voting to trust your ladies.”

Closing, the band broke into How Do You Sleep? and a beautiful rendition of All My Friends, nonetheless, we will reveal our disappointment we didn’t get to hear North American Scum live!

However, we cannot complain about the last tune of the night; New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down, it was sensational

It was a gig that evidently brought back memories for many, but forged new ones too – if you ever have the chance to see these guys live, make sure you jump at it and as for Malahide Castle – what a venue!

Review LCD, Review: LCD Soundsystem Were Low Key Insane
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