Ringo Starr To Return To Genre That Defined His Career


Ringo Starr is to return to a music genre which helped to define his career in the form of country music.

The genre which helped Starr in his time with the Beatles, and as a solo artist, is to come out in the musician’s next album-length project, which will serve as a follow up to Crooked Boy from last month.

Starr’s love affair with country music can be traced as far back as the 1970s, when he recorded Beaucoup of Blues in Nashville, which included covers of Buck Owen’s ‘Act Naturally’, as well as his track, ‘Don’t Pass Me By’. 


Speaking to USA Today, Ringo Starr revealed that he has been working closely with American artist, T Bone Burnett.

“I’m working on it with someone very special – T Bone Burnett,” Starr says “He’s doing stuff in Nashville and he comes to L.A. and it’s all working out. He came to me with nine songs. It won’t be out until October, at least”. 

Reflecting on Beaucoup of Blues, Ringo Starr claimed he felt “relaxed” putting that record together alongside country singers, and producer Pete Drake, whom Starr had previously met at recording sessions for former Beatles bandmate George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass. 

“I think some of my finest vocals are on that album,” Starr has said, “because I was relaxed”.

Starr entrusted Drake with the material for Beaucoup of Blues, as well as contributors which included singers DJ Fontana, Charlie Daniels and Ben Keith.

This looks set to be an exiting year for Starr, who also recently announced new tour dates with his All Star Band, which will see them perform across the US.

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