Robert Plant Declines €500m Offer To Reform Led Zeppelin


You have to be a fairly strong willed person to turn down money, especially if someone keeps adding zeros to the amount being offered.

One man who apparently cannot be bought is Led Zeppelin’s singer Robert Plant, he turned down an offer of €500m to reform the legendary rock band.

The proposal was made by eccentric billionaire Richard Branson, his idea was a 35 date international tour, that included shows in Berlin, New Jersey and London.

Branson had already approached and struck a deal with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones who both were willing to accept approximately €300 million apiece (with Jason Bonham also being paid handsomely to perform).

I’m sure the English billionaire does’t hear the word ‘no’ very often, but not only did Plant rebuff his offer, he tore up his multi-million cheque.

A close source told The Mirror, “Jimmy, John and Jason signed up immediately. It was a no-brainer for them but Robert asked for 48 hours to think about it. When he said no and ripped up the paperwork he had been given, there was an enormous sense of shock.”

“They have tried to talk [Plant] round but there is no chance,” a source said. “His mind is made up and that’s that.”

Plant recently spoke to NME about the possibility of Zeppelin touring again, he said: “I don’t think it looks as though that’s a possibility or on the cards, so there’s not much more I can say about that.”

Planet added: “I’m not going to give a detail-by-detail account of what one person says or another person says. All I can say is it doesn’t look likely, does it?”

Last month, Led Zeppelin released a reissue of their classic albums Led Zeppelin IV and Houses of the Holy.