Robert Plant Says Thoughts Of A Led Zeppelin Reunion Gives Him Hives!


Robert Plant has revealed that the very thought of Led Zeppelin performing any more reunion shows gives him hives.

Plant says that aside from their 2007 one-off tribute to Ahmet Ertegun, co-founder and president of Atlantic Records, he couldn’t hack any more concerts with the legendary band.

The singer was speaking in an excerpt from a Planet Rock Magazine edition of the “My Guide To Life”. The unstoppable frontman said that he agreed to play the special show at The O2 in London in December back in 2007 to honour the recording icon.

Plant says he felt inspired to do it as a one-off, the way Pink Floyd handled their 2005 Live 8 reunion. Speaking of the psychedelic rockers he said:

“I liked what Floyd did at Live 8, quick one-off and let’s leave it at that. They did it for a good cause. It was the same when Zeppelin did the charity show for Ahmet.”

“We had a prolonged affinity with Ahmet, so if there was ever a reason for a reunion to happen, that was it. But the idea of doing it next summer and summer after that and so on is enough to break me out in hives.”

During Robert Plant’s Led Zeppelin years he believes he “missed the mark” sometimes with the music and lyrics he wrote. According to UCR, he explained he was heading down a road that seemed to be taking a different path from the contemporary writers at the time.

 “My peer group were writing substantial pieces of social commentary, and I was willowing along the Welsh borders thinking about Gollum.”

Plant reflected on his work, “I liked what I did, but now I look at it and go, ‘Wooh, that was a bit iffy.’ But I do like ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ I can look at it objectively. I can’t always get my head around it, but it does do something substantial.”

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