MONEY.. It’s A Gas, Grab That Cash… (Rockers Raking It In)


See which artists made an impression on Billboard magazine’s “Music’s Top 40 Money Makers 2013”

Compiled by measuring touring revenue, music sales, publishing royalties and other streaming and on-demand figures over the past 12 months, Bruce Springsteen was the top-earning rocker, claiming the second spot and grossing €25.1 million (1st place was taken by Madonna).
Roger Waters was in at number 3 for taking €15.4 million.
Worthy of note was Valen Halen’s entry at #4 for €15.1 million. Their “Different Kind Of Truth” tour drew more than half a million fans – even more impressive when you consider that 32 shows were cancelled due to Eddie’s surgery.
Also included in the list were Nickelback at #17, The Red Hot Chili Peppers at #25, The Rolling Stones at #26, Rush at #28, The Black Keys at #32 and Journey at #35.
Now if only those of us who play these bands on the radio everyday could get a lil share of that!!!