Roger Daltrey Admits Future US Tour Unlikely For The Who


The Who’s Roger Daltrey has admitted that it is unlikely that the band will return to the US for a tour.

Speaking recently, the band’s co founder has pointed to Covid risks and touring costs as reasons why it is unlikely the band will return stateside.

Despite this, the Who have announced a huge UK and European Tour, which will see them begin with a live show at Barcelona’s Paulo Sant Jordi on June 14, before concluding at Norfolk’s Sandringham Estate on August 28.

Tickets are on sale now.

“very doubtful”

Speaking to USA Today, Roger Daltrey did concede that the possibilties of a US Tour are “very doubtful”.

“I don’t know if we’ll ever come back to tour America”, Daltrey said. “There is only one tour we could do, an orchestrated Quadrophenia to round out the catalog. But that’s one tall order to sing that piece of music, as I’ll be 80 next year. I never say never, but at the moment it’s very doubtful”. 

Elaborating on the reasons, Daltrey shed some light on the economics of the situation.

“Touring has become very difficult since Covid,” he continued.

“We cannot get insured and most of the big bands doing arena shows, by the time they do their first show and rehearsals and get the staging and crew together, all the buses and hotels, you’re upwards $600,000 to a million in the hole”. 

He also added, “To earn that back, if you’re doing a 12-show run, you don’t start to earn it back until the seventh or eighth show. That’s just how the business works. The trouble now is if you get Covid after the first show, you’ve (lost) that money”. 

The interview also saw Daltrey claim that some social media can put an end to civilsation, as well as speak about working with orchestra musicans.

Back in February, Roger Daltrey stated that he is keen to release the biopic on his former bandmate and drummer Keith Moon. More on that here.