Roger Waters Not Keen On “Loud Music” Like Van Halen Or AC/DC


Roger Waters has revealed that he does not care much for “loud rock ‘n’ roll” like AC/DC and Eddie Van Halen.

Waters made these comments during a three hour chat on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where he also spoke about making “substantial progress” on writing a book during the pandemic.

Speaking about “rock ‘n’ roll”, Waters claimed that he is not keen on well renowned rock legends such as AC/DC or the late Eddie Van Halen.

While he is sure that they were wonderful at their craft, it just is not something that interests Waters, according to the Pink Floyd co founder.

Speaking to Joe Rogan, Waters openly stated that he “not really interested in loud rock ‘n’ roll — which some people are and they love it, but I couldn’t care less about AC/DC or Eddie Van Halen or any of that stuff. It’s just, who? I don’t go, ‘Who?’ because obviously I know the name. And I’m sure Eddie’s brilliant and a great guitar player and wonderful. It just doesn’t interest me”. 

Waters On The “hard things to write about”

Elsewhere in the interview, Roger Waters also spoke about making strong progress with writing his own life story.

The musician revealed that the book involved “leaving all the Pink Floyd stuff till last, for obvious reasons — hard things to write about”. 

When probed by Rogan about Pink Floyd’s break up, being one of the biggest splits in the history of rock music, Waters added, “Maybe. I’m not very up on rock history, because I’m not very interested in most popular music. I mean, there are certain people that I’m great fans of: mainly the writers, the singer-songwriters, you know. So, [Bob] Dylan and Neil Young. But I won’t start a long list, because I probably could, but it’s that end of the spectrum that I’m more interested in”.

Along writing a book, Roger Waters also spoke about his This Is Not A Drill live tour, which resumes in May 2023.

“These are the best shows I’ve ever done, by far,” he said. “I’ve made a real breakthrough, and this is the first time I’ve ever sort of managed to communicate with an audience in a way that is satisfying”.

“I’ve opened my heart. I’m vulnerable,” Waters continued. “And yet, because I’ve done that, they’re responding, and in consequence I’ve become bolder. You know, the more you risk, the more you potentially lose, but also the more you potentially gain”. 

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