Rogers Regrets..


Roger Waters says that he regrets suing his Pink Floyd bandmates over the group’s name in 1985.

The suit, which ultimately gave David Gilmour and Nick Masonthe permanent legal use of the group’s moniker, with Waters retaining the rights to the band’s 1979 rock opera The Wall and the prop inflatable pig used on the band’s final tours with him.

Waters looked back at the turbulent and ugly era, which ultimately divided a large portion of Floyd’s die-hard fan base, telling, Consequence Of Sound, “I did, I did think that was wrong, and I was wrong!. . . Of course I was. Who cares? It was a commercial decision and in fact it’s one of the few times that the legal profession has taught me something. Because when I went to these chaps and said ‘listen we’re broke, this isn’t Pink Floyd anymore,’ they went, ‘What do you mean? That’s irrelevant, it is a label and it has commercial value, you can’t say it’s going to cease to exist. . . you obviously don’t understand English jurisprudence. . . It’s not about what you think, it’s about. . . it’s what it is’. . . The law is everything what we have, that’s what The Wallis about.”