Ronnie Wood Undergoes Surgery But Is On The Mend


    Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood has undergone keyhole surgery for a small lesion on his lung, but is feeling fine, his representative said in a statement in London on Wednesday.

    The guitarist, who turns 70 a week today (1st June), has released a short statement saying he is “feeling fine” after the successful procedure.

    The lesion on Ronnie Wood was discovered after a routine medical check-up on Saturday, with the operation taking place a week after his twin daughters turned one. It was not clear whether the lesion was benign or malignant, however it appears that the Wood is clear of any possible concerns.

    Ronnie, thanking  doctors for discovering it early on has said  “I’m so grateful for modern screening which picked this up so early, and would like to thank all the doctors who treated me,”. The Rolling Stones rocker had decided to pack in the nasty habit once and for all after 50 years of smoking,  in a bid to get healthy following the birth of his twin daughters Alice and Gracie last year.

    Speaking of his wife and daughters, Ronnie told Hello! magazine: “Any time I’m with her and the girls, that’s the best for me, nothing tops it. “When the twins come into our bed and we’re all snuggled up together, that, for me, is wonderful – my idea of heaven. It’s special. The girls are so cuddly and gorgeous. I’m a lucky man.”

    The 69-year-old rocker has also said recently: “There are some entries in my diary [from earlier days in the band] where it says, ‘Great night last night. Sick twice.’ But in those days it used to bounce off us – that and all the travel we did in the van. We’d grin and bear it. If I had to do it now I probably wouldn’t last a week.”

    And it seems the rocker was inspired to jump on the healthy bandwagon after seeing fellow musicians and friends die.

    He is not expected to require further treatment and the procedure will not affect the Stones’ upcoming tour.

    The Rolling Stones are due to start their No Filter European tour  on the 9th September and will visit the likes of  Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Holland and France. However we may  be waiting a while to see them in Ireland or the UK as The Stones have released a short statement explaining that  ‘there are no UK dates on this run due to lack of available venues because of sporting fixtures. Hope to be here in 2018.”

    Photo Cred: mikegriffpictures