Ryan Adams Continues Touring Despite A Broken Rib


Ryan Adams who is currently playing the summer festival scene, manged to break his ribs while playing at the Sasquatch! Music Festival yesterday. Adams tweeted out after the show saying “My body wants to throw up a fireball of pain,”.

After a number of tweets regarding the injury he then put pictures on Instagram of the clinic where he found out the extent of his injuries. Adams later confirmed that he had broken his ribs, but that he is still going ahead with the rest of his tour.

Adams has a packed schedule this summer which includes a spot at Glastonbury, Roskilde and Fuji Rock. Let’s hope he will get better soon in time for those big summer shows.

Rock stars getting injured on tour isn’t as rare as you might think. You might recall Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme, who broke his foot on tour back in 2001 and managed to play the rest of the tour. In the end, what’s more Rock & Roll than playing with an injured body part.

Photo Credit: Nicole Kilbert