Ryanair Announces 2,000 New Pilot Jobs

Ryanair Announces 2,000 New Pilot Jobs

Ryanair has announced a recruitment drive for 2,000 new pilots to crew aircraft deliveries over the next 3 years as Ryanair recovers and rebuilds from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ryanair has now taken delivery of its first Boeing 737-8200 Gamechanger aircraft, which will help Ryanair lower costs, cut fuel consumption and lower noise and CO2 emissions.

Training courses will take place through 2021 to be ready for Summer 2022 for positions all over Europe.

Ryanair’s People Director Darrell Hughes said: 

“As we take delivery of more than 210 Boeing 737-8200 gamechanger aircraft, Ryanair will recruit 2,000+ pilots over the next 3 years to fill positions created by this growth.

This is great news for experienced and aspiring pilots but also for our own pilots who will enjoy fast tracked promotions.

Throughout the pandemic, Ryanair has worked closely with our people to save jobs and we are delighted to start planning for a return to growth over the coming years as we recover from the Covid-19 crisis and grow to 200m guests by FY2024’’.


Pic: Piotr Mitelski