Ryanair Grounded Three Planes Due To Cracking


At least three Ryanair Boeing 737s have been grounded owing to cracks between the wing and fuselage

However, according to The Guardian this was not disclosed to the public until now.

Ryanair is the latest airline to be affected by faults in the “pickle fork” structure,

This issue resulted in the immediate grounding of 50 planes globally since 3rd of October.

Other airlines, including Australia’s Qantas and America’s Southwest, have disclosed the number of their planes affected by the cracks,

Ryanair has previously refused to confirm how many of its planes have been affected.

The Guardian has now revealed that  grounded planes have the registration numbers EI-DCL, EI-DAL and EI-DCJ. All three are over 15 years old.

Last week, the low budget airline informed the Irish Times that it “does not expect” the global pickle fork issue would “have any impact upon our operations or fleet availability”.

It’s reported that that experts do not consider the presence of the cracks as a major safety issue