Sad Glasto’s Over?? Ready for 2014?


Michael Eavis has been busy… as the clean up begins on Worthy Farm, he says he has BOOKED the headliners for 2014!  He’s also praised The Rolling Stones for their performance.

Eavis, the festival’s organiser since its inception, won’t reveal the acts until tickets are on sale, as with previous years.

He explained the difficulty of choosing headliners to NME:
“There aren’t many left… There were maybe a dozen headliner potentials so we’re running out of headliners but we got the last three for next year.”
When quizzed on whether any of the acts would be veterans in the same ilk as The Rolling Stones, he replied “Ever so slightly, yeah”.
He also praised The Stones for their Pyramid Stage headline performance at this year’s festival:

“The Stones were the best thing – it had to be, didn’t it, 43 years of me, 50 years of them, we finally come together and we’re on the same page at last.”

“Mick Jagger’s energy, leading that band with such a passion and so much skill was absolutely amazing. Seeing him moving, I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m quite a bit older but I couldn’t go like that – and I can keep going, but not at that pace!”