Saltburn Soundtrack Set For Soundtrack Release Inspired By ‘Bath Water’


The Saltburn soundtrack is to get a very special vinyl release with ‘bath water’, inspired by an iconic scene from the Emerald Fennell directed film.

Saltburn which starred Irish actor Barry Keoghan follows the character Oliver Quick played by Keoghan, as a middle class interloper who poses as a scholarship student from a middle class background to gain the friendship of Oxford University student Felix Catton, played by Jacob Elordi.

The pair become friends, with Catton inviting Quick to stay at his family home in the British country side, named Saltburn.

Oliver and Felix’s relationship gets complicated with one iconic scene showing Oliver watching Jacob pleasuring himself in the bathtub, before lapping up the remaining drops of bathwater, as it swirls down the plughole.

Bad World have now confirmed that this soundtrack to Saltburn will be released on a limited edition translucent vinyl, billed as ‘bath water’, in reference to this iconic bath scene involving Keoghan and Elordi.

Pre order this soundtrack vinyl here.

Keoghan Bans Family From Watching Saltburn 

Back in January, it had been revealed that Barry Keoghan had banned his family from watching Saltburn, due to the “racy scenes”.

The actor’s aunt Lorraine who raised him following the death of his mother, confirmed this in an interview.

“There are also some things he doesn’t want us knowing… or seeing”, Lorraine said in an interview.

She also added, “He’s banned the whole family from watching Saltburn because there’s a few racy scenes in it”. More on this from Nova here.

Earlier this month, Barry Keoghan also appeared to make his relationship with singer Sabrina Carpenter official, after featuring in the singer’s music video for Please Please Please. Check that out here.