Scientists Make Significant Breakthrough In Cure For Baldness


Scientists have made significant steps in the quest to find a cure for baldness.

That’s after hair loss experts in America announced what could be a major breakthrough. A team of Scientists managed to develop a method of hair growth using human stem cells combined with mice cells.

Hair loss issues may soon become a thing of the past. Dr. Richard Chaffoo, a medical adviser to Stemson Therapeutics, the group behind the research. gave details of the breakthrough:

“It could improve the lives of millions. Hair loss profoundly affect many people’s lives. A significant part of my practice involves both men and women who are seeking solutions to their hair loss. ”

Using stem cells with the mice means that scientists can now create an unlimited supply of the particular cells needed for hair growth

The research was granted a Merit Award at the annual meeting of the International Society for Stem Cell Research.

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