New Version of Scorpion’s ‘Crazy World’ Hits Store Shelves In June!


And a new version of Scorpions  ‘Crazy World’ will hit store shelves in June.

Before Michael Schenker plays Vicar Street on Monday, drawing from his 40 odd years in the business, here’s some great news for Scorpion fans. (Michael is on the Radio Nova Rock Report this Friday at 6pm)

Though Michael doesn’t play on this new Scorpions two-disc collector’s set featuring their 1990 album, along with a bonus disc containing live tracks from their 1990 Live Crazy world tour and four promotional videos.’Crazy World’ was the band’s 11th studio album, and featured the international hit “Wind of Change”.The Scorpions announced their official retirement from live performing on January 24th 2010, after 45 years of touring as live act. However this decision has since been retracted.

Disc 1: Crazy World

‘Tease Me Please Me’
‘Don’t Believe Her’
‘To Be With You In Heaven’
‘Wind Of Change’
‘Restless Nights’
‘Lust Or Love’
‘Kicks After Six’
‘Money And Fame’
‘Hit Between The Eyes’
‘Crazy World’
‘Send Me An Angel’
‘Wind Of Change’ (Edit)
‘Big City Nights’ (Live At The Moscow Peace Festival)
‘Wind Of Change’ (Russian Version)
‘Wind Of Change’ (Spanish Version)
‘Holiday’ (Live Version)
‘Hit Between The Eyes’
‘The Zoo’

Disc 2: Live Crazy World Tour

‘Bad Boys Running Wild’
‘Hit Between The Eyes’
‘I Can’t Explain’
‘The Zoo’
‘Rhythm Of Love’
‘Crazy World’
‘Can’t Live Without You’
‘Lust Or Love’
‘Big City Nights’
‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’

Music videos:

‘Tease Me Please Me’ (Directed by Jeff Richter)
‘Don’t Believe Her’ (Directed by Wayne Isham)
‘Send Me An Angel’ (Directed by Meiert Avis)
‘Wind Of Change’ (Directed by Wayne Isham)