Sculpture Of Phil Lynott Unveiled In West Bromwich


A sculpture paying tribute to the late Phil Lynott has been launched in West Bromwich, the place where the late Thin Lizzy frontman was born.

Lynott lived there with his mother Philomena, before she sent him to live with his grandparents in Dublin.

Designed by local sculptor Luke Perry, the piece features a likeness of Lynott set on a metal plinth with a text engraved on it.  The engraving reads: “Phil Lynott. Son of West Bromwich. Born in this town. 20th August 1949”.

A crowd funding for this masterpiece had been set up by Sean Meaney. Meaney had previously campaigned successfully to have a plaque placed at the local hospital where the music icon was born.

A statue honouring Phil Lynott was also erected in Dublin in 2005. Lynott passed away from pneumonia and heart failure caused by septicaemia in 1986.

Last Friday (20 August) marked what would have been Lynott’s 72nd birthday.

A plaque had also been unveiled at the house where Lynott grew up on Leighlin Road in Crumlin.

A documentary was also released last year about the music legend called “Songs For While I’m Away”, featuring U2’s Adam Clayton and Metallica’s James Hetfield among others.

Back in December, Phil Lynott’s daughters Sarah and Cathleen spoke about the strength they gained when listening to the songs that their late father wrote about them. More on that report here.

Lynott and Jones

Earlier this month, former Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones claimed that Phil Lynott once conned him out of a vintage Gretch guitar. The guitar is currently on display at the Irish Rock ‘n’ Roll museum.

The museum’s owner Paddy Dunning has insisted that the guitar is here to stay.

“The idea of Steve Jones playing Anarchy In The UK or God Save The Queen on one of Ireland’s most treasured guitars is outrageous”, he said.

“It’s not going to LA or the UK. This is Philo’s guitar and it belongs in Ireland”.

In his 2016 memoir Lonely Boy: Tales of a Sex Pistol, Jones spoke about his friendship with Lynott. “We had a laugh, and I really liked Phil”, he wrote. More here