Sexton Anger As French NeuroSurgeon Outlines His Repeated Concussions

Johnny Sexton - Inpho

Ireland rugby captain Johnny Sexton has branded comments from a French doctor about his concussion record “inaccurate” and “highly inappropriate”.

The veteran out-half is going through return-to-play protocols ahead of Sunday’s Six Nations clash with France after knock to the head in losing to Wales on Sunday last.

Neurologist Dr Jean-Francois Chermann, who recommended Sexton be stood down from rugby for twelve weeks when he was a Racing 92 player in 2014 due to repeated brain injuries, said the 35-year-old had sustained “30 concussions” throughout his career.

Ireland talisman Sexton said “I am pretty saddened and shocked by the inaccurate reports that were thrown out yesterday.”

It’s inaccurate and highly inappropriate and I’m pretty disappointed but I am so used to it, it’s almost like water off a duck’s back to me, but for my wife and mum it’s very upsetting.”

Sexton added.. “I thought there was a patient and doctor confidentiality, I am pretty sure that exists in the world.”

I just can’t get over the fact someone thought it was appropriate to just come out of nowhere and start saying things that weren’t even accurate, that’s the most hurtful thing.”

Sexton said he remains on course to be fit to feature against France and has full trust in Ireland’s medical staff. “I have just got to focus on this week and the return to play and, if I don’t pass one of those stages, I won’t play” he said.