Shakira Paints Her Nails Florescent Blue And Rocks Out To Metallica


Latino pop queen Shakira recently shared how she spends her Tuesdays; listening to Metallica and painting nails fluorescent blue. The Hips Don’t Lie singer took to her Twitter to share a post showing off her new nails and saluting rock.

“On Tuesdays, we listen to Metallica and paint our nails fluorescent blue,” the singer wrote. Her fiery red hair covers most of her shirt, although you can still make out the Metallica logo underneath. When Shakira burst onto the scene in the early 2000s, she made the omission of viewing herself as more of a rock musician, than a pop star.

“I know I’m considered by many people to be a pop artist — and probably in America that’s the conception that most people have of me — but in Latin America I think I’m more known as a rock artist than pop,” the Colombian singer told the Chicago Tribune in 2003.

“I like to always reinvent myself and reinvent my own songs. So the versions of some songs are more experimental,” Shakira continued. “And in general, I think the rock side of my music comes out more naturally. For some reason, onstage my songs sound much more rock ‘n’ roll-oriented.”

During that discussion, Shakira lists her rock heroes with Led Zeppelin being her favourite as “they achieved what is a musician’s dream, which is to create immortal riffs”. During her performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, the singer tried to call upon her heroes as she seen played the electric guitar.

During a 2011 Google Music interview, Shakira confessed to being a massive fan of the American heavy metal band, Metallica. The singer revealed that she was also a big fan of bands like Zeppelin, Nirvana, and The Cure.

“I am great fan of bands like Zeppelin, Nirvana, The Cure,” Shakira said. “I used to be a huge Metallica fan when I was 15 [and] 16 years old. I remember I was graduating from high school back then and I used to sing ‘Nothing Else Matters’ all day long. I am still a very huge Metallica fan, though. I thought it would be kind of surprising to include it in my repertoire for this tour.”

Shakira is no stranger to covering rock bands, as in 2019, the pop singer posted a lively acoustic cover of the Green Day 1994 pop-punk classic, Basket Case. Check out Shakira’s fun version of the track here.