Shane MacGowan Excites Fans As He Joins TikTok


Shane MacGowan has made his fans very excited as he has joined TikTok, where he has already gained an incredible 988,000 views on his first video and over 25,000 followers.

After making his Instagram debut in 2020, the music legend posted a video welcoming fans to his new TikTok page and offering his best wishes.

The 64-year-old singer said in the video, “Welcome to Shane MacGowan on Tik Tok, I hope you enjoy. God bless, Shane.”

The Pogues legend’s account features the bio “Musician, Lover, Irishman”.

@shanemacgowanofficial Hi TikTok #ShaneMacGowan #ThePogues #FairytaleOfNewYork ♬ original sound – Shane MacGowan

Shane has posted videos of interviews, snippets of both the music video and the Top Of The Pops performance of The Pogues’ classic track ‘Fairtytale of New York’, which was released 35 years ago this month.

You can follow Shane MacGowan’s TikTok here.