Shaun Ryder Was Once Fired As A Postman For Biting A Dog


Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder has told the story of when he found himself sacked as a postman for biting a dog.

The unstoppable singer had begun employment with the Royal Mail when he was 19 years old. During a shift, Ryder became rather angry at a dog for trying to bite the singer’s heels.
Speaking to The Sun, Ryder revealed his reasoning or lack thereof:

“Only fair. I did to the dog what it was trying to do to me. I had dropped a tab of acid probably to relieve the boredom then on the round as I was stepping up to be promoted to a postman, this terrier dog at a pub I delivered to, tried to attack me.”

The singer continued that he was ‘defending’ himself by a co-worker: “So I thought I am not having this, I grabbed it, bit it on its head threw it down and gave a kick up the bum. As it went another postman who was passing in his van saw what happened and reported me. That was it I was suspended but I had already started the band so I wasn’t too bothered.”

Ryder concluded: “I left school at 15 and got a job as a post boy messenger, only really got the job because me grandad used to drink in the same working men’s club as the postmaster.I nearly didn’t get that because I was up in Juvenile court on a taking and driving away charge.”

This and more tales of debauched insanity are due for the silver screen in the forthcoming biopic of Ryder’s life. The NME reports that actor, Jack O’Connell will play the singer in ‘Twistin’ My Melon’.

The film is based on the singer’s 2011 autobiography of the same name. Production starts in January 2020.

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